Sunday, August 19, 2007

A few minutes with the iPhone

Yesterday I was at a family lunch celebrating an aunt's 60th birthday. Suddenly I looked to another table and some piece of electronic was being passed around the table and everybody was impressed. Then I saw it, it was the iPhone (let me remind you that the iPhone has only been released in USA)!

After reading so much about it on the Internet in the past few months I was limited to wondering if the thing is that cool.

Almost at the end of the party the iPhone came to me. They were showing some photos around and eventually got hold of it. The iPhone is sweet! It is one of the most amazing gadgets to ever get to my hands. I played with it for just a few minutes, basically in the photos application and the home screen. Bust just those few minutes were sufficient to make me want one. When it was my turn to pass it around, I couldn't let it go, it was like trying to take away a favorite candy or toy from a baby.

Finally I let go of it. Now I understand the why of the iPhone craze. I want one!

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