Wednesday, January 17, 2007

2008 MLB All*Star Game @ Yankee Stadium (not yet confirmed)

The Baseball Cathedral, a.k.a. the House that Babe Built, a.k.a "The Stadium", a.k.a. Yankee Stadium is agonizing. And by agonizing I mean that it will be enjoying it's last two seasons in 2007 and 2008 (unless a miracle happens and saves the almost 84 year old stadium). In 2009 Opening day will be played on the "New" Yankee Stadium, just across the street from the Yankee Stadium on the Bronx, NY.

As reported by and some other sources over "the nets" Yankee Stadium has a good chance of hosting the mid-summer baseball classic, the All*Star Game. It is a very exciting news, it will be a great farewell to the most famous stadium in baseball.

If this rumor is confirmed it will mean one thing, start planning and saving up for a visit to the Big Apple on July 2008. I mean, I "must" go to that game.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

iPhone and Apple TV

Well, today we saw the announcement of two new apple products that were widely expected among technology enthusiasts, the Apple TV and the iPhone.

The Apple TV ( is the product formerly known as iTV. It is a device for holding and streaming media like videos, podcasts, music, photographs from your regular PC or Mac. It is a nice thing to have, though not in my priority list right now.

Now, the Apple's iPhone ( is what I consider a "state of the art" gadget. Actually it was introduced as three products in one. The first one, a widescreen iPod (4 & 8 Gb), great for viewing movies also plays music and podcasts. The second a mobile phone with a terrific interface. And third an Internet device, with included WiFi. All with incredible technology included like multi-touch interface, proximity sensors, accelerometer for detecting device orientation, Google Maps, etc., etc. Go to the website for incredible images and more details. Available in June in the US.

I am highly expecting a product with the same characteristics as the iPhone minus the phone part. I mean, wouldn't it be nice if you have a 80 Gb widescreen iPod, I now I would like to :-)

That's all for today

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

2007, a New Year and fresh bread

Hello and welcome again to my blog. Thank you very much for visiting again. Here we are starting a brand-new year. I don't like New Year's celebration that much, I mean, if you think about it every day starts a new year. But anyway it's a new year. My brother was just telling me about an National Geographic TV ad regarding the New Year and it stated that among the world's population only an astounding 35 percent celebrate the New Year on January 1st; the other persons (Jewish, Chinese, Muslims, and others) celebrate the New Year on different dates. Impressive... you bet!! I felt that way when my brother told me. You can watch the ad by visiting the following link "Ni te lo Imaginabas 2007".

Now you're thinking "New Year and fresh bread", what the h** has to do one with the other. I have an answer. For the first day of 2007 I decided to bake some fresh bread. As a foodie I love eating, cooking and baking. This bread took a little time on the making (due to it's 20 hours of repose, I actually began preparing it on 2006) but it was totally worth it. Everyone on my family liked the crispy exterior and the soft, tasty inside. I am definitely be doing this bread a lot.

Well thank you again, have a magnificent 2007 and hope you can achieve everything you try.