Friday, February 29, 2008

WRC Corona Rally Mexico 2008

100B3163In a few hours I am off to Leon, Guanajuato for the World Rally Championship, Corona Rally Mexico 2008. I'll take lots of pictures and post some when I come back. See ya!

Yankees, here I come

I have my tickets for the Yankees vs Boston games on April.

I am so, so happy!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Paseo Interlomas, a new mall in the neighborhood

I live near a zone that is thriving with commerce and new residential developments, Interlomas. This zone has a variety of shopping centers, both small and large, supermarkets, cinemas, schools, a university, etc. The growth of this zone in the last years has been astounding. This growth has brought a lot of traffic to the zone and it lacks some roads to be better communicated (see Hueyetlaco).

So, why not, let's make a new shopping mall, one of the largest in the Mexico City area.

This new mall is currently under construction. It will be called "Paseo Interlomas". It was designed by the Fernando Teruya Design Studio and built by GICSA. This mall will feature 15 movie screens (5 of them VIP), an ice skating rink, two mayor department stores (Liverpool and "Palacio de Hierro"), about 79,000 square meters (~850,000 square feet) of retail. Bellow you can find a rendering of the project, click on it to see more images:

Paseo Interlomas 

I like new projects that beautify the city and the space we live in. I also expect the projects to be reasonable and include adequate planning and impact mitigation measures. For what I have read, this project also include a road plan to help cope with the traffic that will generate.

The mall is projected to open in summer 2008, although by judging the current progress I would say it will open near the end of 2008 or beginnings of 2009.

UPDATE: you can find a followup to this article here.

Quote of the Day:
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