Tuesday, August 04, 2009

iTunes Store Mexico

Finally, Apple has announced today the opening of iTunes Store MexicoiTunes. After six years of opening in the United States and continuing it’s expansion to several more countries, Apple has decided to begin it’s offering of Music and Music Video in Mexico.

You can purchase most songs priced at $12.00 MXN (Mexican Pesos, $0.076 USD per MXN as August 4), albums at $120.00 MXN and music videos at $24.00 MXN.

Gift cards will also be available in various stores and it will come in 200, 400 an 600 pesos denominations.

For registering you need either a credit card or a gift card and a Mexican address.

You can find the official press release from Apple here.

[via http://mundomac.org/itunes-store-mexico-ya-disponible.html]

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