Friday, June 05, 2009

Follow up to Paseo Interlomas mall

Last year I wrote a post regarding a new mall that is under construction on my neighborhood, Paseo Interlomas (see original post here) and I wanted to update on the subject.
The construction last year was almost drawn to a stop (I suspect lack of funding was the main reason), but in the past couple of months the construction site seems to have been reactivated and the are now busy as ants.
I have also noticed that on the developer’s website, there is some updated information and new renderings. Here is the description found on such website:
Paseo Interlomas is the modern version of a park combined with a regional shopping center. This place will be the first community center in the area to be developed inside a spectacular building with open and closed spaces meeting the highest security standards. This commercial concept with nearly 1.4 million square feet of built area and a parking area of more than 1.9 million square feet will include two department stores 16 stadium type movie theaters with THX mega screens (6 VIP), 12 restaurants, a food court and 180 retail spaces of all sort of services and specialty shops. The following are some of the project’s attractions: skating rink, health and fitness gym, a family entertainment center, children’s attractions and dexterity games as well as an art exhibition center and a hotel.
And here are the renderings:
paseointerlomas01 paseointerlomas02 paseointerlomas03 paseointerlomas04 paseointerlomas05 paseointerlomas06
From the renderings it shows that we can expect a Liverpool and the ubiquitous Sanborns. I will continue updating when I know more about it.

Update now the mall is open, read more about it in Paseo Interlomas now open