Friday, October 27, 2006

New visual design

Hey, I've just upgraded my blogger account to blogger beta, and I am trying a new template, hope that you like it! (comments appreciated).

Under a Cardinal-Red sky...

After a 24 years the Saint Louis Cardinals are the 2006 World Champions. Never favorites in the post-season they battled against the tide to play a great World Series. The so called atomic ant, x-factor or the squirrel, David Eckstein is the MVP of the series, who always plays at 110%.

I specially loved game 4 full of emotion.

I loved a sign on the stadium that said:

Hey "Experts", Tigers in how many?

As a New York Yankees fan I am very pleased with the result, let's just say that is the price of eliminating the Yankees.

St. Louis Cardinals Website

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Less than a month for MBM 2006

Is less than a month (24 days exactly) for Mini Baja Mexico 2006. This will be the 12th competition of the Baja SAE Anahuac Team, it is also the first one of this season.

MBM 2006 will take place near the base of the "Nevado de Toluca" just outside of Toluca (well, about 20 minutes from it). The official website of the Mexico event is located @ Mini Baja Mexico 2006, there you can find information on the event.

We will be competing with one car, the 2005 model Coyote.The team is currently working on some improvements and repairs on the car, and we are hoping for a good performance on the event.

I'll publish a map later so you can go and see this cars in real life.