Sunday, September 25, 2005

Some posts from Autoblog


Just a great site, well if you like autos (duh!, who doesn't). But as the folks on autoblog are so kind with us I might recommend some of my favourite articles from them:

10. Automoblox > conditioning your kids to love cars
-Just some very cool toy cars, making me wanto to go back to my childhood

9. VW picks Gene Kelly to outdo Mustang’s McQueen appeal
-LOL, just love to sing under the rain

8. Autoblog Poll results for Bond’s new ride
-A brit car for a brit agent

7. NASA funds Flying Car competition
-When cars stop being cars and become airplanes

6. New Golf R32 officially announced by VW
-Wish I had one on my garage

5. Tragic end to Wales Rally GB
-Accidents do happen, specially in motorsports and always are very sad.

4. Formula SAE
-As Mini Baja participant, is nice to see a post on the subject

3. Win a 2GB iPod Nano + FM Transmitter from Autoblog
-great idea ;)

2. “The most reckless, irresponsible film you’ll ever see.”
- Wow, loved it and can't stop seeing it

1. GM’s 1st African American Design Chief featured in Newsweek
-The post that started it all, and by all mean one of the greatest auto info sites on the web (saves me a few bucks from buying magazines.

Hey, just so MUCH stuff to surf hours and hours.