Friday, April 27, 2007

Funny Friday: Student Exam Answers

 For those you engineers out there. I specially liked the one with the elephant.

Link to Funny Student Exam Answers


Super-hyper-mega cool!!

From "U2 3D is heading for cinemas later this year"

I want to see this. I enjoyed the show so much first in Madison Square Garden in New York City and then in the Estadio Azteca in Mexico City. I like U2 music a lot and they have great spectacular shows.

One thing more from "The 3D shoot took place over seven shows in Mexico..." maybe it contains images from the concert I went :-).

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

46 Mexico City Legislators: Killers

Just one little thought I wanted to share with you. 46 of the Mexico City Legislators are killers! Yes, they have voted to approve a legislation legalizing the abortion in the first three months of the pregnancy. They are allowing to kill innocent people that can't defend themselves, I am angry, it is an atrocity!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Funny Friday: Europe vs. Italy

 A funny movie found via stumbleupon.

Link to Europe

Baja SAE new car update (Apr 20)

BSA007 Car 02
Originally uploaded by velascomike.

We are working very hard on the construction of the new Baja SAE car. As promissed, here is a photo of the progress so far.

The front structure is almost done, hope this weekend we can complete the whole structure and move on into the suspension.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Baseball is ON!

Winter is long gone (although in some parts it refuses to leave, see Cleveland last week). April has come and with that the start of the baseball season. Between April and October each team faces a 162-game regular season plus, if they can, the post-season games.

It is too early and I am not that knowledgeable to make predictions about who will go to the post-season and to the World Series, less who is winning it. But I do really hope that my favorite team, the New York Yankees make their way to the postseason and, maybe, win the World Series.

For almost any team a 6 year drought of World Championship can be seen as reasonable time, but for the Yankees (26 times World Champions) it is an eternity! Besides, it would be so cool that the Yankees win a World Series now that the Yankee Stadium has it days counted (see 2008 MLB All*Star Game @ Yankee Stadium (not yet confirmed)).

Although I love baseball and enjoy watching the games, it is difficult (near impossible) to watch every a single baseball game out there. I mean just consider watching 162 games of your team, plus the Home Run Derby, the All*Star Game, and all the postseason (must-see games). I will try to see the most Yankees games that I can and others interesting from other teams, at least one game per week.