Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Probable 2008 Baja SAE locations

Now that another season of Baja SAE is over is time to start thinking on the new season. Certainly my mind is already set on the 2008 US competitions Big Grin and which one our Team will try to attend to.

I just found a list of the sites currently considered to the 2008 events:

  1. Cookeville, Tennessee (TTU);
  2. Peoria, Illinois (Caterpillar, I think); and
  3. Montreal, Canada (ETS, or just Montreal Section).

The information does not specifies neither date or event types (West, Midwest, or East). Let's hope that they organize good, quality events characteristics of the Baja SAE series.

It is my wish that the Baja Anahuac Baja SAE Team compete in one of there events, hope that the Team is up to the challenge.

Quote of the Day:
Justice consists in doing no injury to men; decency in giving them no offense.
--Marcus Tullius Cicero

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