Thursday, June 21, 2007

Baja SAE Rochester 2007, a story from an unattending team

Maybe you can remember some of my past posts regarding the "intention" of the Baja SAE Anahuac Team of participating in the Baja SAE Rochester 2007 competition.

First, let me talk about why it turned from a goal, to an intention, to a deception. Some of you may know about it, some of you don't. The team was on time (not on schedule) to finish the vehicle and compete in Rochester. So, why did the team didn't go to the competition? We had a setback. The captain of the team couldn't keep up with the needs of the team and his school needs. So the captain decided to pull back his efforts on the team and the car in order to focus on his academic activities and to maintain his scholarship. You see, in our current team structure and status the captain is the person within the school team (that means to leave the advisors behind) more knowledgeable about the project and, therefore, the responsible of getting the things done. So when you have a captain that can't maintain the effort and momentum of the team, things start falling appart.

It is a pity that we didn't assist to the competition. It is a pity because we were capable of doing so, capable of returning to an international event and getting a good result. It is another story and another deception in the book for our team, we have had a few along our history (see MBQ2003, MBQ2004, MB100, and MBQ2006).

So, what's in store for the team? you ask. First is a s-l-o-w summer period with little to none work done. Then we have the responsibility of finishing the car for the Baja SAE Mexico 2007 competition, 148 days away from today (17-19 November, 2007). And hopefully have a car for the 2008 US competition.

Expect few posts about Baja in the summer and more frequently as BSM2007 comes near.

Oh, yes about the competition in Rochester... It seems that it was a lot of fun, lot of teams, with a Brazilian team taking the first place, Sherbrooke in second, and Tennessee in third (BSRIT 2007 results).

Finally after a very long post (maybe the largest ever in my blog so far!) I leave you with two videos from Baja SAE Rochester 2007. The first one is the start of the endurance race (see the amount of teams competing), and the second is the offical video from SAE, hope you enjoy them....


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