Thursday, May 31, 2007

Harry Potter Theme Park

Harr Potter Theme Park rendering From BBC News: "The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter will open at the Universal Orlando Resort, in Florida, in 2009".

The new park will be located within Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. It will feature the Hogwarts Castle as well as the Hogwarts Express. The production designer Stuart Craig, who has worked on the Harry Potter films, is leading the design team to ensure it will remain faithful to JK Rowling's vision.

Construction in the park is expected to begin in the next few weeks and the opening is planned for 2009.

Harry Potter author JK Rowling said: "The plans I've seen look incredibly exciting, and I don't think fans of the books or films will be disappointed."

I hope that they pull out this one fine, otherwise it can seem as a desperate measure to increase the revenue of the Harry Potter Franchise.

You can check the complete article at the following link:

BBC News: Harry Potter theme park planned

UPDATE: Harry Potter site MuggleNet has some updated info. The parks is currently scheduled to open on early 2010, it will be built on "Islands of Adventure", "Important that the theme park represents the entire saga from Book 1 to Book 7". There is also an official website up where you can sign up for e-mail updates.

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