Sunday, February 25, 2007

And tonight the Oscars!!!

I love movies. They make you laugh, cry, remember that lfie can be tough sometimes and splendid in other times, entertain, and sometimes even make you sleep :P.

Tonight is the movie celebration, the Academy of Motion Picture Art and Science (AMPAS) Awards, better known as the Oscars. Tonight at 5.00 pm PST the Oscars will be transmitted all around the world.

There are very good pictures nominated this year (so far none of the ones that I have seen have disgusted me). Ten Mexicans are up for an Oscar tonight, meaning there is a good chance that at least one grabs an Oscar.

I have seen a good number of the movies nominated, but not all. I will definetily try to see the ones that I am missing, specially the ones that win something tonight (you should too).

Well, that's all. Tune in the Oscar and enjoy one of the TV live shows with more audience in the World.

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