Friday, October 27, 2006

Under a Cardinal-Red sky...

After a 24 years the Saint Louis Cardinals are the 2006 World Champions. Never favorites in the post-season they battled against the tide to play a great World Series. The so called atomic ant, x-factor or the squirrel, David Eckstein is the MVP of the series, who always plays at 110%.

I specially loved game 4 full of emotion.

I loved a sign on the stadium that said:

Hey "Experts", Tigers in how many?

As a New York Yankees fan I am very pleased with the result, let's just say that is the price of eliminating the Yankees.

St. Louis Cardinals Website

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ECC said...

Supongo que estarás feliz porque perdieron los tigres! A mi me daba un poco igual... para mi se acabó la temporada desde que perdieron los Yankees.